Diamonds Are Priceless

No Matter How They're Made

Diamonds Are Priceless

No Matter How They're Made

​Who Are We?

​Lab Created Diamond Hub is the internet's #1 informational resource to learn everything you need to know about ​lab created diamonds and gemstones.​  Our website was created by a group of non-biased​ jewelry experts who feel that traditional jewelry stores don't tell the ​truth​ in an effort to make more money.  Whether you're trying to understand how they're made, how much they cost, or where to get them, ​our goal is to give you​ information to help you ​decide if ​lab created diamonds and gemstones are right for you.

Are ​Lab Created Diamonds Real​?

​Yes!  ​Lab created diamonds are made from the exact same chemicals as a naturally occurring diamond, the only difference is that ​lab created diamonds are made in a lab environment.  You can learn more about the process here.

​Why You Should Consider a ​Lab Created Diamond

​Less Expensive

​​Buying a​ ring along with a house and a wedding is a painfully expensive experience.  One great way to have less debt is to purchase a ​lab created diamond ring, which typically costs between 30-40% less than naturally occurring diamond rings.

​Conflict Free

​A huge problem with naturally occurring diamonds is​ that it's difficult to track where they're sourced from and people in developing countries live in tyranny for the rights​ to mine these diamonds.  ​Lab created diamonds are grown in a lab, so this never happens.

​Environmentally Friendly

​When naturally occurring diamonds are mined, the miners need to displace tons of earth material to find them.  This impacts the environment and takes more energy to acquire.  The process to create a​ lab created diamond is significantly less damaging ​to nature.